Echeveria Lovely

Lovely, it might be my most over-used word. I love that word and when I found a cultivar that corresponded to it I had to have it in my collection. When this cultivar is grown to perfection it absolutely lives up to its name -- it's a stunner... thick layers of ruffled petals accented in rich blues contrasted by vibrant mango mature growth.

This double did not import perfectly and it's still pretty immature. The last photo is reference photo of my Echeveria Lovely. I still wanted to offer this one to you guys because this cultivar is so hard to find and pricey when you get lucky enough to find it. I just thought I'd offer in case someone needed a Lovely in their collection as well. 

At her widest point she measures in at about 3.5" across. She has some fresh roots started. It will take time to grow her into a specimen like mine, but I've only seen a few of these, so I think she's worth the effort. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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