• Echeveria Lucinda (Sp?)
  • Echeveria Lucinda (Sp?)
  • Echeveria Lucinda (Sp?)

Echeveria Lucinda (Sp?)

This one may be a super stressed regular Lucinda or she might be a hybrid. I'm not sure. I can tell you she came from the farm we regularly use for hybrids and she didn't sell on a MIMM, but when she came in I kind of fell in love with her and just held her back... for months, lol. She's just so pretty to look at. But we're trying to clear off space on our racks as we train the new staff and get things more organized so she needs a forever home now. She's gorgeous guys, she was in bloom about two months ago and the mango flowers were lovely too. 

She has been accustomed to light waterings, so if you decide to pack on leaves do so with caution, she'll need time to adjust back to a regular watering schedule as we've kept her pretty thirsty. I'd recommend potting her and then giving her a few weeks to adjust and then introduce water 2-3 weeks apart. She retains a lot of moisture in her leaves and doesn't like much additional water.  

She measures in at just about 3" across, lots of roots, pretty dry due to stressing. 


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