• Echeveria Lucinda Sp.
  • Echeveria Lucinda Sp.
  • Echeveria Lucinda Sp.

Echeveria Lucinda Sp.

Last up before the freebie tonight is a Lucinda Sp. Shes doesn't look particularly special right now, but these can be incredible under the right conditions. This particular mix will throw very, very pretty shades of pink in the winter, she's just feeling a little green from her recent travels. It's the first one of these I've seen go green and you can already see hints of her starting to regain her glory. With proper stressing you can get these to go solid, bright pink in the winter. 

This little guy is discounted because of her current shading, but don't overlook her. If you're comfortable with stressing this is not one to be missed. She measures 2.5" across and has a very thick, woody stem with a mix of old roots with a few new roots started. 

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