• Echeveria Lulu, Cluster
  • Echeveria Lulu, Cluster
  • Echeveria Lulu, Cluster

Echeveria Lulu, Cluster

We literally cannot keep Lulus in stock, so I ordered this one under the radar specifically for in-stocks tonight. She just came in yesterday, so she is more grey right now than these usually are this time of year just due to being boxed and transit, but this coloration is typical of the summer months. She will go very vibrant shades of pink if you live the right climate or have a good light set up. These are one of my favorite guys, I wish she was throwing her stress shades, but I promise she will be a prized member of your rares family soon. 

This Lulu has about four heads (some heads are splitting) and is pupping underneath. She measures in at just about 2" across, this is a smaller cultivar. She has sparse roots, but overall Lulus are a a pretty easy rare and should root up just fine for you.


Sorry, currently out of stock

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