• Echeveria Orange 'Sharet' (Cluster)
  • Echeveria Orange 'Sharet' (Cluster)
  • Echeveria Orange 'Sharet' (Cluster)

Echeveria Orange 'Sharet' (Cluster)

When I first got started I feared this one was a translation issue, thinking they meant 'Orange Sherbet,' but as I have gained more experience and seen both of these hybrids in person I know they look extremely different to me. The stress colors on the 'Sharets' go brilliant pink and they always cost us more to get in.

This particular cluster is very thirsty and will come with a mini water prop to help you get her dehydrated. The farms ship plants on the drier side this time of year to help prevent rot. She has lots of tiny roots, so it shouldn't take long to get her looking plump again. She might cool off after watering, but these stress easily and beautifully.

This little cluster measures in at just over 2" across.

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