PRESALE Echeveria Peach Berry, (Random)

We've had some special requests to list these. We have ordered two single heads and two double heads, just select from the drop down which type you prefer. These are very chubby little echeverias highlighted in sherbet peach hues. The single heads are large, measuring in at 3" across, the doubles are slightly smaller across each head but overall measure 3.25" across. Plants pictured were the actual plants ordered for this listing. Last two pictures are reference photos of a 'Peach Berry' that was sold a few listings back, when stressed they exhibit bright peach shading.

These Peach Berries were ordered on June 17, 2018, ETA on these are approximately July 16th, 2018 (they may come in sooner and will ship as soon as they arrive). As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.' 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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