• Echeveria Pre Madonna, (Hanaikada?)
  • Echeveria Pre Madonna, (Hanaikada?)

Echeveria Pre Madonna, (Hanaikada?)

I have gone back and forth with the grower on this one. I feel like this might be a Hanaikada, but he insists Pre Madonna. The coloring is almost eggplant and the leaves are longer and more narrow, almost like a Hanaikada, but then I look at the way it's variegating and he may be right. It's really hard to say on this one, might be some crazy mixture of the two. At any rate she's a beautiful echie with fuchsia lace on some of her leaves. She has one round scar on an older leaf that I wanted to be sure to point out, it's not major, but it's there (slightly bigger than a sharpened pencil tip, but not much more). She's got a crooked stem, but you can pot her in such a way that you'd never know. Her formation is good and she's not currently pulling any moisture from any leaves that I can see. She's got bare roots and is putting out a few fresh air roots as well. Lovely little specimen. 


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