• Echeveria Primera

Echeveria Primera

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Guys, I've been up and working since early this morning. We received so many plants last week, so I've been doing my best to keep up. We have about 30 more Rare Succulents that are not accounted for that we plan to share with you tomorrow evening. We had hoped to get to them tonight, but we spend a lot of time on each listing. We'll text everyone who is signed up for email tomorrow, Tomorrow night will be listed flash style (everything all at once) and we'll be shipping on Tuesday this week. 

Our Just Cart tonight is a true to type Primera. This is a chubby little peach rosette measuring in at about 1.75" across. Stem only. We will have a cluster of these later on the upload as well.

Our photos and videos were taken today. This plant was listed to our site on January 23rd, 2021. Plants shown may be exhibiting winter stress coloration. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 1232207 (you will find this number on the ID stake shipped with your plant. You can type the ID # in our search bar at any time to review the our original photos and item description).  

Sorry, currently out of stock

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