• Echeveria Unknown Cristata
  • Echeveria Unknown Cristata

Echeveria Unknown Cristata

Guys I have no idea what this little purple crest is. The grower had it labeled as a 'Pulvinata Frosty,' but I know that's not right. So, she's being listed as an unknown. She measures just about 3" across and stands about 3" tall on a fan stem. She's almost solid light purple with green undertones, she's more purple than our pictures would indicate. Very sparse roots on this gal, but she will put out air roots along her crest stem that you can mist until her permanent roots come in. 

And guys I could not find my tape measure tonight, I know I usually include a shot next to my old, trusty tape measure -- I think my ten-year-old daughter stole it for a project, lol! I'm measuring these with a ruler as I'm listing. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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