• Echeveria Rabenda
  • Echeveria Rabenda
  • Echeveria Rabenda

Echeveria Rabenda

Sorry again for the Christmas in April themed photos guys! I didn't even realize how they'd look until I started to putting together the listings and saw them on our site. I wasn't thinking! But, I almost like the cedar sprigs in the photos, it breaks up all of that white. I don't know, when you spend four hours every Saturday on photos you start to want to get creative sometimes. I'm no photographer, lol!

This one is a green and red spotted cultivar that I don't know a lot about. Our agent wanted to send to replace one he didn't like. I trust his judgment and this is what he sent. It's really unique, but I don't know a lot about it. He said it's called a 'Rabenda.'

It's a double measuring in at about 3" across, sparse, older roots. 



Sorry, currently out of stock

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