• Echeveria Raffine Sp.
  • Echeveria Raffine Sp.
  • Echeveria Raffine Sp.

Echeveria Raffine Sp.

Did I mention we have some beautiful plants tonight? This is a Raffine Sp. I do not know if she has been manipulated to throw these swirls, I don't think so, most of our farms are pretty honest, but there is a possibility her new growth may grow in without the swirls, especially over the warmer months. But, this could very well be a stress condition of this hybrid. The farm called this one a 'Bull Raffine' and she's throwing soft blueberries and rich raspberries. She's got a near perfect formation. 

This Raffine hybrid is measuring a hair under 2.5" across. Very sparse roots, but she seems very healthy (and just came in yesterday, so we haven't had time to try to root her yet). If she gives you any problems though just shoot us a message. 


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