Echeveria Runyonii cv

This is a MIMM unsold. She's in now and she's just as cute as the grower pics depicted. I'm including my original description along with updated measurements and the original grower pics:

I know Runyoniis cvs can do crazy things. I had to look up what 'cv' meant. I'm always trying to expand my knowledge of these chubby little plants. My understand of what CV means is that it should be a true to cultivar bred species, but that the offspring is not behaving like what you would expect based on the parents. This type of weird mutation happens a lot with Runyoniis for some reason. They are very rarely true to type. I have two true Runyoniis in my collection (and I searched everywhere for them), but the offspring never ceases to surprise I guess. Here is a link to a mature Runyonii CV we listed over the winter. (And I know she is slightly more than the mature one we offered, her price is based on current market price from this particular grower, the profit we keep is the same). I cannot say this one will act the same way when she is mature, they are unpredictable, but there's more info on this link about Cvs in general. I thought it might be helpful to someone. 

This little CV rosette is measuring in at just about 1.5" across. Like I said right now she looks very similar to the Cassyz we just listed, but in the winter you will be able to see a difference in the two. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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