Echeveria Shaviana, Variegata (3.5")

Guys this is going to be a short upload tonight, we're packaging a lot of orders this weekend, but I just wanted to share these in-stock Shavianas with you in case you'd like to add to your order or take advantage of free shipping. 

First Shaviana of the evening is bright yellow with deep green variegation. Each will vary in price in there will be some good deals listed tonight. She will stress to beautiful shades in the winter with proper conditioning. Please see the colors these plants can throw in our last photo (these were some Shavianas that didn't ship so well that we're rehabing, but these are the stress colors this plant throws). We will be issuing a surprise at the end of this upload featuring our water vessels. 

This Shaviana measures in at 3.5" across and has no roots, but these root easily. She did use up one leaf in her trip over, so she's not perfectly symmetrical, but she's a beauty. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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