• Echeveria Simononsa
  • Echeveria Simononsa
  • Echeveria Simononsa

Echeveria Simononsa

Echeveria Simononsa, commonly called Powder Puff. This is a very rare succulent, not often seen in the United States. It can feature deep variegation, but that is very, very rare. These are tipped in pink variegation and are just starting to open up. The foliage is somewhere between a green and blue and is very icy in appearance, it's a gorgeous hue that can't be quite captured in photography. I've kept one of these for my personal collection and I can promise you they are absolutely lovely in person. These are being offered at a sale price for what these normally retail for. I was able to secure four for tonight's sale, but they are being shipped at random, they are all very similar. Not all are growing with perfectly straight stems, and some are utilizing bottom leaves for water (just because of their long travel). 

You will receive one of the plants pictured. These measure about 2 across and stand about 2 tall and ship bare root. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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