Echeveria Sp.

I have no idea what this one is, sorry guys! This came to me unlabeled and I can't find a reference for it. It has fat chubby leaves that are stressing reddish at the edges and has kept a definitive globe shape since I've had it. It will most likely open significantly once potted.

Please Note: There is something going on with the outer leaves on this one, I definitely wanted to point that out. It does not look like parasite damage or anything crazy like that. I'm almost thinking it's had some cold damage recently. I've have held onto this one for about three weeks and she seems healthy, but if you are looking for outer leaf perfection you may want to pass on this one.  Please see the shot with the plant laying on its side next to the measuring tape to see the leaves that I am talking about.

You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices and due to lighting conditions at the time of photography, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. Stress impacts color significantly. So, the plant you receive may change somewhat from the time these pictures were taken to when you receive it, just depending on how it travels, but it should revert back to a color similar to what is shown in the listing photo.

This succulent measures just at 2.75" across and is about 2.5" tall. Very sparse roots, due to strict import requirements. Please do not fret, as these root very easily and if you would like care/info for what to do when you receive it please click here if you need rooting instructions.  

Sorry, currently out of stock

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