• Echeveria Sp., (Not so Random)
  • Echeveria Sp., (Not so Random)
  • Echeveria Sp., (Not so Random)

Echeveria Sp., (Not so Random)

Howdy, guys! If you're just joining us be sure to check out our announcement posts, I'm kind of having to address everyone there at the moment, things are incredibly hectic until about Thursday this week. But, lots of good info there and Black Friday details. 

We've got about 70-ish listings to show you guys this evening, and some true stunners. I can't wait to show you! 

The first one stole my heart, she's like a closed Black Sabbath, I haven't seen one like her. She's way prettier in person than her grower photos, her farina is a bright, chalky grape. She's the only one that we have coming in like her. She's measuring in at about 2.5" across, bare roots from the cultivating farm (just arrived today).  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 077101 (you will find this number on your ID stake shipped with your plant, you can type the above item # in our search bar at any time to review the original grower photos and item description). This plant was listed to our site on Monday, November 18th, 2019 (and will ship this week, unless otherwise instructed).  

(Random) vs. (Not So Random)- Our random category is a collection we put together weekly from all of the farms we've shopped with this week. Some of these plants were purchased as part of a grouping of one or more plants. 'Random' simply means you will get one of the plants shown. 'Not so Random' means you will get the exact plant shown.  

This plant is in house, has been checked for quality and is ready to be shipped. The photos for this plant were taken by the cultivating farm less than two weeks ago. We do not take requests for additional photos because when we're not listing we're shipping, but if she remains unsold you will see her pop up with in-house photos on next week's Saturday night upload.  Normal importing changes can happen, but if we see any significant changes we will document those in the item's description.

Please make sure you truly want this plant before you checkout, we do not allow order cancellations due to a very demanding shipping schedule.  We do however offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase this plant and she doesn't strike your fancy we will issue you a complimentary return label and store credit for the purchase price.

We ship Tuesday through Thursday for a Saturday delivery. If you need a heat pack or would like a water propagation vessel those can be added on the checkout page. The heat pack is complimentary, we feel that it is our responsibility to get your plants to you safely in the colder season, but we strongly urge you to consider heat packs carefully and read more about them here. Single hole water propagation vessels are available with free shipping on outgoing orders.  


Sorry, currently out of stock

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