• Echeveria Trumso, (Random)
  • Echeveria Trumso, (Random)

Echeveria Trumso, (Random)

Trumsos are one of the most interesting cultivars we sell. These will go more of a powdery white like a Lauii in the winter months, the center growth is swirled in red (the intensity varies depending on plant and time of year). The first picture you see is directly from the grower, the second picture is a similar Trumso we sold in the past during one of our in-stock uploads. These Trumsos will measure in at about 1.75" across.

This particular grower is a perfectionist and feels that each of his plants can be represented by one picture. He prides himself on perfecting the breed standard, so his plants don't look much different from plant to plant. 

These E. Trumsos were ordered on June 16, 2018, ETA on these are approximately July 14th, 2018 (they may come in sooner and will ship as soon as they arrive). As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.' 

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