Echeveria Unknown, Cluster

I know how to order this cultivar, but it hasn't been given an official name yet. It is a little pricey, but it blushes with ease. I listed one of these just last week (see the last photo). This one is fresh from the box and hasn't had any time to color back up yet, but she will. We have sold about six of these to date (never had one that didn't sell) and this one is the craziest little one yet. Most are doubles or at the most triples, this one has SEVEN miniature little heads. She's going to be a monster. She measures in at 3" now, but each mature head will reach about 1.5-2" at maturity. She's got a healthy root system. I'm going to list her for $5 over the price of a triple, my birthday gift to you. Last two shots are the stress colors you can expect this unnamed cultivar to throw. 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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