• Echeveria Variegated Shaviana, (Random)
  • Echeveria Variegated Shaviana, (Random)

Echeveria Variegated Shaviana, (Random)

Guys these just do not poke their heads up as much anymore. They are very, very hard to find and the prices are very high on them. These always look different in the grower pics, more green, but in person they are typically very yellow and pink. We tried importing these from another grower a while back and they elongated a little and we used them for the photo shoot of our water propagation vessels, so this will give you an idea on actual coloring on these guys when they are stressed. Those were also much smaller. 

We were only able to get a dozen of these in stock. They will measure in at about 2-2.5" across.  

Please allow up to four weeks on shipping of this particular presale. This grower has a methodical drying method that he follows and it takes time for him to get them shipped out. We do use EMS service and we'll ship them the day they come in. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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