• Echeveria 'Zaragosa' Cluster
  • Echeveria 'Zaragosa' Cluster
  • Echeveria 'Zaragosa' Cluster

Echeveria 'Zaragosa' Cluster

This Zaragosa cluster looks different from other Zaragosas of the past. She just came in today and she's throwing very vivid colors right out of the box. She does have some pale centers just from transit, but she should color up there shortly after being potted as well.

Now on some species you will notice on the most mature leaves there's a darker spotted area underneath the skin. I have seen this on some Zaragosa in the past, it's not a pest, it just how some plants react to full sun or sunburn. She's got a little of this showing up on the underside of her mature leaves. 

She measures in at just about 3.75" across, old/sparse root system, but should start putting out fresh starts soon. Fat rosettes on this beauty. 


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