Graptoveria Blackberry, (Random)

We have gotten asked for this variety a lot and it's been hard to find a grower that can keep us in supply. I did some asking around and finally found a grower selling in bulk. These clusters will be about 2" across. We have 12 clusters available, they will be chosen at random. This variety takes on orange hues when stressed and matures on wooden like stems, they kind of look like miniature succulent bonsai trees. The last two photos are from a cluster we hand picked to sell on our site back in the early spring, these are just reference photos. The first two pictures are from the crop we purchased from for this listing.  

These Graptoveria Blackberries were ordered on July 4th, 2018, ETA on these are approximately August 1st, 2018 (they may come in sooner and will ship as soon as they arrive). As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.' 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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