Graptopetalum Superbum, Variegata

One of the most extreme succulent unicorns out there. This is a very, very healthy variegated Super Baum. We've keep her in house just ooohh and awwing over her for eight weeks now and feel it's time to send her to her forever home. She's downright dreamy. We wanted one with severe variegation, which can sometimes leave a plant unstable, but she's held up great with only one lost leaf so far. Her center growth looks perfect. She measures in right at 4" across. Her stem is every so slightly crooked, but it's because she's heavy on the top. She is putting out fresh roots. This is not a cutting. Her stem should start pupping very soon. There was one pup on her when she first got here, but it couldn't handle the stress of traveling, but we have no doubts this one will be pupping again shortly. 

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