Haworthia 'Attenuata'

We have sold every one of these we have ever listed in a flash. This is the first double we have ever offered, or seen in this color for that matter. I love Haworthias, but I have never seen solid golden hues on them before we started working with this grower. I don't know if this is stress or specific to the variety or what, but they are stunning! This one does have a little past scarring on two of its leaves, but it kind of gives it character, as the stress in these areas are very bright. We usually sell the singles for $35 each, a double at this price is a steal. This one measures just at 1.75" across, so they are pretty dainty. It doesn't really look like any haworthia I've seen, but I go by what the growers tell me, I figure they've been doing this a little longer than I have. This one has sparse roots, but it does have a little bit of a root structure to get you started. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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