• Kecevana
  • Kecevana


These photos were taken today, September 28th, 2019.

Kecevana is most likely a Pachyphytum x Lauii hybrid, so I don't really know how to categorize this one. We do have more coming up tonight and more on Random Rares tomorrow. These are a tough import, but I have been tracking the seasons these import well and we've hit a sweet spot. They're not hard to care for, they just don't like airplanes (neither do I, lol). These always sell out very, very fast because of the rarity associated with availability. These can go pastel minty colors in the winter months, but these are unstressed to ensure a safe arrival. 

This one is measuring in at about 2.25" across. You will likely lose one leaf as she establishes in her new home. Extremely sparse roots on the stem, but looks like she might have a fresh root fiber started. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 070903



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