• 'Kecevana' Pachyphytum Cuicatecanum
  • 'Kecevana' Pachyphytum Cuicatecanum

'Kecevana' Pachyphytum Cuicatecanum

These photos were taken on Saturday, December 7th, 2019.  

We call this Kecevana on the site, but that is likely either a common name in Korea or a translation issue. For searchability and record-keeping of the photo archives we will continue to use Kecevana as well so you can search all of our photo records, but we now believe the scientific name for this one is Pachyphytum Cuicatecanum. This is a tough import, it takes experience, lucky and perfect timing to get these in right. 

This one shipped absolutely beautifully and fully stressed, a pink marshmallow. She's measuring in at about 2.25" across, some fresh roots started on the stem of this beauty. She may lose a few leaves as she settles in, that's just par for the course with this cultivar.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 086910



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