• On the List SPECIAL Echeveria Albino Chantilly (Extremely Rare)

On the List SPECIAL Echeveria Albino Chantilly (Extremely Rare)

This next one is unheard of. My cost on these were $125, which is ridiculous (and that's before shipping). I purchased two because of the rarity. We need one in our greenhouse so we can slowly start getting pups for breeding. I am offering the second to you at my cost. The grower only sent us this one pic, but she'll measure in at about 2.5" across. You will not likely be seeing another of these, but if you do expect to see this one retail for about $200 at other shops. I don't like selling things that expensive because the risk is just too high. If you guys pass we'll keep two in the greenhouse and start trying to get pups going. 

I will be checking text requests next to see if we can field any of those live, I need to make an announcement before we move onto the last phase of tonight's listing, so if you don't see any special requests pop up please know that I am working on that announcement. The next portion of the evening will move very fast. 

Please allow up to four weeks on shipping of this particular presale. This grower has a methodical drying method that he follows and it takes time for him to get them shipped out. We do use EMS service and we'll ship them the day they come in. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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