• Pachyphytum sp.
  • Pachyphytum sp.
  • Pachyphytum sp.

Pachyphytum sp.

This is a mature hybrid of Pachyphytum. Its skin is porpoise gray with subtle hints of blue. The new growth has a thick coating of snow white farina on unblemished leaves. This plant has been imported, we always try our best to protect the farina, but it would be impossible to avoid all touching. There will be areas where the farina has rubbed off, but it will grow again on new leaves. This is a particularly beautiful specimen, the leaves are ridiculously chubby. There is one leaf that is exhibiting a little wrinkling, but should plump up as soon as it is watered, however there is a possibility you will lose that leaf. 

You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. This plant measures 2" across and 2.75" tall. The stem supports a very sparse root system. Please click here if you need rooting instructions. 

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