• PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa 'B-Type,' (Not so Random)
  • PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa 'B-Type,' (Not so Random)

PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa 'B-Type,' (Not so Random)

So we only have two farms that cultivate Arteusa, it's pretty rare. From our limited experience we only see them emerge this time of year and then there will be a shortage until about this time again next year.

We bought everything they sold last year and we're buying everything they offer this year. One of these two farms have offered us a mutation of Arteusa they are cultivating, right now it's just called a 'B-type.' We have bought four, this is the prettiest one. We will offer at least one more, maybe during the scheduled Randoms upload tonight, but if you're site stalking and want to snag a gorgeous B-type here's your chance. We will be keeping at least one for breeding.

I have not seen mutations in person yet, but the Arteusas they've been sending us have all be gorgeous and deliciously plump. It appears the center growth has a slightly more upward leaf formation, with immature leaves being a little more stubby in stature, giving the outside mature leaves kind of a 'ring' around that shorter center growth, almost a Cupid feel in formation, except with bubbly leaves. I'm excited to see what these look like in person.

This very rare B-Type is measuring in at a chubby 2.5" across.

Presales in this category will ship within three weeks of your order date. Colors may be a result of plant stress, so she may change colors in the warmer months.

The photos for this plant were taken in March of 2019.  



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