• PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa, (Not so Random)
  • PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa, (Not so Random)

PRESALE Echeveria Arteusa, (Not so Random)

OK guys, the next three listings are your 'run to your cart' listings. We have not seen Arteusa in about a year. We straight up begged our farm and I got a few for you tonight. I don't know when we'll see them again. First up is the exact plant shown, she's our biggest. This is one of the plumpest cultivars you will find that stresses to Barbie pink. She's measuring in at about 

Plant Name: Echeveria 'Arteusa' (a hybrid offered by only only one or two farms, very limited in its availability)

Size at Maturity: Arteusa is one of the only solid pink stressing succulents with leaves this plump that gets to be good sized that we know of. Mature heads can reach just over 4" across.  

Stress colors: Intense, rich solid pink at the height of stress. Long lasting stress colors. They do go green when they are actively growing in the warmer months, but stresses with high UV easily.  

Notable Qualities: One of the hardest to get rare succulents. Very high demand, very limited availability. We are starting to grow this in-house to make sure it will be available for years to come. We expect our first in-house availability on these in about three years' time. 

Care Instructions: A very hardy and easy to grow rare. Typical succulent care, no known special requirements. Will actively grow from late spring-late summer, will be semi-dormant in winter through early spring.  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 044701

Date Listed: 3.6.19

Presales in this category will ship within three weeks of your order date. Colors may be a result of plant stress, so she may change colors in the warmer months.

The photos for this plant were taken in March of 2019. 



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