PRESALE Echeveria 'La Seto,' (Not so Random)

I saw this cultivar and my mouth fell open. I don't know this cultivar well, so these may be stress colors, but it's a cultivar I plan to get to know. The edges of the petals on this breed has very fine (for lack of a better word) teeth. Almost reminds me of the edges of a sawgrass blade (already dreaming of my beach day tomorrow). So, there's a possibility that if these are stress colors she may ship green, but she may ship exactly like these shots, I just don't know until we meet. She is pupping and measures in at about 2.75" across.

This La Seto was ordered on August 10th, 2018, ETA on this plant is approximately September 10th, 2018 (they may come in sooner and will ship as soon as they arrive). As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.'  

Sorry, currently out of stock

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