• PRESALE Echeveria Mochican
  • PRESALE Echeveria Mochican
  • PRESALE Echeveria Mochican

PRESALE Echeveria Mochican

I have seen a few types of Mochican this past year -- and I caught that message in the Community tab about the spelling of this one! I totally forgot to address that! And if you're new to our site be sure to check out the Community tab, it's a fun place to connect with other CCF shoppers and ask questions.

So, what you typically have is the Korean name for these, which is a bunch of Korean letters... the English translation can vary a little bit. I take the translation the farm gives me on a plant-by-plant basis so depending on who is doing the translation the spelling may be off ever-so-slightly, but that does not change the fact that I have seen these in two different forms. There's a big form that is about 2-3" across at maturity (which is still pretty small by American succulent standards) and then there's this guy, which is decidedly Helena-like and very brightly colored and uber small. This one is going to measure in at about an inch across. 

And then you have 'Red Bin,' which I suspect is some combination of Mochican and Helena that throws incredible shades of red during stress, unfortunately we have not yet seen those this year :(

Presales in this category will ship within three weeks of your order date. Colors may be a result of plant stress, so she may change colors in the warmer months.

The photos for this plant were taken in April of 2019.  



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