PRESALE Echeveria Onslow, Variegata (Random)

OK, I am no expert, but I have seen a few different forms of variegation on Onslows. You should examine the pictures and make a decision that feels right for you because the prices range significantly.  

This is what you'll see most other sellers describing as an Onslow, Variegata, this plant retails for $20-$30 in the States:

This is also an Onslow, Variegata. The variagation is blocky and thick. This is plant is $560 my cost, wholesale:


So there is a huge, price difference between the two plants with the same name. I have two of these expensive Onslows in my collection and they're literally my most prized plants. I'm always on the hunt for cheaper versions that might one day produce the super chunky variegations in its pups. I feel the two I'm listing tonight have the gene that could mutate into the expensive plant, but only time will tell.

So I wanted to offer them here, but if they don't sell they'll go in my collection. I just wanted to offer you guys the opportunity if you're a plant nerd like myself. These will measure in at about 1.5" across. 

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