PRESALE Echeveria Setosa v. Minor (Not so Random)

OK, this might be my favorite of the night, beside the Onslows, of course (one more of those on the way), I have such a soft spot of those. I just ordered my third fancy one. I need an intervention.  

So don't confuse this with the commonly sold Setosa var. Dimiuntiva, these are different and stress to unreal shades. I bought one for myself as an early birthday present (she's shown in the last two pics). You can get colors like this, it's the same cultivar. 

So, grab this prickly guy up quick. These are stunning when properly stressed. This double measures in at 3" across. 

Presales are offered with free shipping, but presales can take up to three weeks to ship.  

Summer presales are a very tricky business. We would have written a blog article that we feel you should read if you're a new customer or even a loyal customer. It's just important info you should consider about presales during the summer and a little about our business practices. The article can be found here

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