• PRESALE Echeveria Trumso
  • PRESALE Echeveria Trumso
  • PRESALE Echeveria Trumso

PRESALE Echeveria Trumso

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us back tonight! We've had a really long day boxing orders and we've got a long night ahead of us. Our internet issues have been resolved and we are now hard-wired into our router, it seems to have fixed it. We will try to make this short and sweet tonight. We've got about 23 plants, including your freebie.

All of the plants we're showing you tonight made it in and will be shipping this week, barring any delays on our end. We're working really hard to stay on schedule :)

We're going to start this evening with a lovely little Trumso, she's measuring in at about 1.75" across. She will likely lose her strawberry center over the summer months, but these do return with cold mornings and full winter sun.  

Presales in this category will ship within three weeks of your order date. Colors may be a result of plant stress, so she may change colors in the warmer months.

The photos for this plant were taken in March of 2019.  



Sorry, currently out of stock

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