(RESERVED), Echeveria Shaviana del Madre, Possible Replacement for Order #10227

Do not order this item unless you are Tristian, otherwise your order will be cancelled. Tristian gets first dibs on this particular plant.

I know we have a lot of people checking the site and waiting for us to get back. Thank you so much for your patience! We're still working through some customer service issues related to our relocation and we're going to take care of our gift card holders next. Obviously shipments are very slow right now and as soon as we have enough for a full/fun listing for our gift card folks we will set a date and email you (should be late April). Our first listing back will be for gift card holders only, but if you have a gift card and you're site stalking you are welcome to purchase this plant with your credit after Tristian decides :) No purchases on this plant until Friday, April 10th (if Tristian decides sooner we will change this date)

Hey Tristian! I am so very sorry about the delay of your order! Thank you for your kind email and I want to give you a few different options for the replacement of your Atlantis. The prices shown here is our retail pricing, but this will be an even exchange on whatever you choose.

This next plant shipped very well. It's a triple of a plant that is called Shaviana del Madre in Korea. This plant has nice frilly edges and rose-colored hues. She is not showing any signs of post-transit distress. She's measuring in at about 3" across and has a mature root ball. 

The first two photos were taken today, the other two photos are what this plant looked like before shipping at the farm. 

We import our plants and right now import transit times are delayed. We normally 3-day our plants in from Korea, but this little guy has been in a box for a little longer than usual, but again I don't see any particular signs of distress with this plant.

Right now as a safety precaution we are quarantining our plants in house for two weeks, but I have made an exception to kind of pull the colorways you mentioned. This one shipped out on March 28th, we unpacked with gloves, so if you're worried about surface contaminants the last time this plant was touched was 12 days ago. 

You are under no obligation to take this plant, Tristian. I am more than willing to issue you a refund in full :) I just wanted to give you all possible options and please know I am very sorry for leaving you hanging without getting in touch sooner. The relocation was tough, but I'm happy to help any way that I can from here. 

This Shaviana del Madre was listed on our site on 4/08/20 (our post-transit photos were taken on the same day as our listing). This plant is in house and was found to be of acceptable quality.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 090105


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