• (RESERVED) Echeveria Raon, Triple
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Raon, Triple
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Raon, Triple

(RESERVED) Echeveria Raon, Triple

This cluster is measuring in at about 3.5" across, but single rosettes when given enough room to spread out can reach larger dimensions. 

Plant Name: Echeveria Roan

Size at Maturity: Fully mature single rosettes typically mature at about 4" across.

Stress colors: Brilliant pink with lilac undertones.

Care Instructions: These are a tough import and we don't see them very often at all. It seems like some of these plants have seasons of availability. The importing is tough because they have a lot of water in their leaves, one of the chubbiest succulents around, but all of that water and long transit times can be a recipe for rot. We import with the fastest service available and I don't foresee issues, but I did want to point out that is a possibility with this cultivar. If it does rot I will refund the order. She may lose a few leaves, but I found this to be a fast-growing succulent and very easy to care for once established, virtually maintenance free for me because she had so much water reserves. I did lose my to rot in winter, her plump leaves froze more easily than others in my collection because there was just so much water in there. I will be replacing mine, she was one of my favorites. So protect her from too much rain and protect her from temps colder than 35 degrees and she'll be one of the easiest in your collection. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 058912

Date Listed: 5.31.19 

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