• (RESERVED)  Echeveria Bradburiana Cristata
  • (RESERVED)  Echeveria Bradburiana Cristata
  • (RESERVED)  Echeveria Bradburiana Cristata
  • (RESERVED)  Echeveria Bradburiana Cristata

(RESERVED) Echeveria Bradburiana Cristata

I fell in love with this crest, she's got almost a candy stripe thing going on that I just love. I also love her aged fan stem. She's likely a very old plant. She was not cheap to source from our farms, I was looking for a particular type of specimen. This one has been well-cared for and it's foliage is nice and compact. 

Plant Name: Echeveria Bradburiana (Crested)

Size at Maturity: Will continue to keep growing outward with age until it reaches 5-6" across, Estimated

Stress colors: As shown, some freckled leaves, creams and mulberry accents. Sometimes this cultivar will go a bright pink, kind of depends on the plant. She may go green in the summer. 

Care Instructions: Crests with these wide stems are a little annoying in that they love to put out air rooms on their stem until they full establish in their new home and adjust to their watering schedule. It can take time. The root fibers are easily plucked from the stem by hand or with tweezers. you can leave them too, it's just annoying grooming until she settles in. I would also recommend keeping spent leaves well groomed, aphids love dead leaves, so to avoid any pests keep her nice and clean. Other than that typical succulent care, no known special requirements. Will actively grow from late spring-late summer, will be semi-dormant in winter through early spring. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 046009

Date Listed: 3.9.19


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