• (RESERVED) Echeveria Rubidonna (Hybrid?)

(RESERVED) Echeveria Rubidonna (Hybrid?)

I truly believe that it's a Rubidonna hybrid. This one was just labeled as a Rubidonna (usually the leaves are wider and more spaced out, the formation on this one and the density of the rosette leads me to believe this is as hybrid), but it's hard for me to say until it arrives. Also the cultivating farm only shared one photo of this one, so I don't know her size or any additional details until I see her in person. You can absolutely pass, but I wanted to give you dibs on this one if you think it's what you're looking for. And no worries if it's not :)

Starting next month all of the plants we list on the site will already be in-house, but with special requests everything is Presale unless otherwise stated (it's the only way I can show different options available from the market place in real time). This plant has already been ordered and will be ready to ship by the end of the month.  

This Echeveria Rubidonna (Hybrid?) was listed on our site on 9/20/19. Transit times are about two weeks, barring any delays with Customs.  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 071612


Sorry, currently out of stock

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