• PRESALE Echeveria Bainesii, (Not so Random)
  • PRESALE Echeveria Bainesii, (Not so Random)

PRESALE Echeveria Bainesii, (Not so Random)

This was a passed up option in Custom Requests. She's now available for anyone who may like her :) The grower didn't have a picture with the ruler oriented horizontally, so I can only speculate on her width, but I would assume about 3" across, she looks mature. She's measuring in at about 4" high and you most succulents are pretty proportion on width x height. She does have a little scar on one of her leaves, it's not super noticeable, but I wanted to point it out. 

Plant Name: Echeveria Bainesii, have also seen this advertised as Graptoveria Bainesii, but more often than not it's under the Echeveria section at our farms in Korea. 

Size at Maturity: Most single rosettes will reach 3-4" across.

Stress colors: Can go more of an elephant grey over the summer, but will typically stress to shades of pink, intensity varies on the individual plant. Some will develop freckles and sun spots, which only add to the beauty of rosette. This cultivar can callous with abrasions, flaws will develop a thick scar. These are nearly farina-free and has a thick 'skin.'

Care Instructions: This cultivar is prone to rot in the winter if not protected from frost. Typical succulent care, no known special requirements. Will actively grow from late spring-late summer, will be semi-dormant in winter through early spring. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 057407

Date Listed: 5.31.19 

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