• Pachyveria Sp., Variegata
  • Pachyveria Sp., Variegata
  • Pachyveria Sp., Variegata
  • Pachyveria Sp., Variegata
  • Pachyveria Sp., Variegata

Pachyveria Sp., Variegata

This is a plant that was posted to our Custom Requests section that went unclaimed. She is now in-house and available to anyone who may want her. Keep watching this page we'll be moving unsold requests over to Random Rares all month long.  

This one did not ship perfectly and I want to be as transparent as possible about that. She's healthy, but albino leaves are extremely fragile and prone to stretching during the importing process. She has two loose albino leaves that may fall off completely when she ships and the form on the albino branch is not perfect. She is also pulling moisture from two green leaves (normal during transit). I don't want to discourage you, this is still a very pretty plant, but we like to be upfront with issues see before shipping.

Another thing to keep in mind is variegation can revert as well. That's something that we have no control over, but this variegation is natural. It will come and go over the life of the plant and it will always carry the variegated gene.

 Again, her form is not great and expect to lose those two loose leaves on the variegated part and eventually two of the green ones as well. If you're just getting started into succulents this one might not be the easiest choice. She's measuring in at about 4-5" across. It's an older plant with a very nice, mature stem. The first two photos were taken right after arrival, the white dots you see in the second photo are just water marks (you can clean these off with milk). Also shown here are her grower shots pre-shipment (as you can see she has changed a lot on the trip over). I have this one reduced, but she is still expensive. Perfect this would retail for about $60 on our site. 

We have decided to take an in-house photo of these to share what they look like post-transit, however we are unable to honor requests for individual plant photos on demand, post-sale. Nor do we accept order cancellations due to the number of orders being shipped out. Our in-house photos of this variegated Pachyveria Sp. were taken on 9/22/19. In stock and ready to ship.

In an effort to keep things running smoothly and to offer you the largest selection possible we will still be utilizing grower photos, but everything has been looked over before it gets posted to the website. We will not be able to accommodate individual requests for photos. So very sorry about that! We are trying to offer the largest selection possible and photos are extremely time-consuming. If we feel the plants are represented adequately in the grower's photos we will use theirs.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 069013


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