• (RESERVED) Echeveria Hanaikada, Variegata
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Hanaikada, Variegata
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Hanaikada, Variegata

(RESERVED) Echeveria Hanaikada, Variegata

I usually try to be a little more formal with these descriptions, but running short on time this evening. This is the only Hanaikada that I have on order at the moment. She's a little bit smaller than what we usually offer, she's measuring in at about 3" across, but it's because of her two longest leaves, the core growth is going to be about 2" across. She should come in pretty though. The last photo is a picture of a double I imported for my collection last week, so these are still shipping nice. No pressure, we try to order one of these about once every two weeks, or whenever we can snag them at the farms. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 061909

Date Listed: 6.17.19 

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