• (RESERVED) Aeonium Saundersii, (Adodes)
  • (RESERVED) Aeonium Saundersii, (Adodes)
  • (RESERVED) Aeonium Saundersii, (Adodes)

(RESERVED) Aeonium Saundersii, (Adodes)

These appear to have mature branches.This grouping is measuring in at about 3.5" across

Plant Name: Aeonium Saundersii, (In Korea sometimes called Adodes, common name in the US is Martian Heads) I don't think they look like martians though, they look like closed cherry blossoms on a bonsai tree to me. 

Size at Maturity: 4-5" across, estimated. Should continue branching with age.

Stress colors: In dormancy these close up and the outer leaves get very red. When they are actively growing they open up and make little rosettes all along the branches. 

Care Instructions: Typical succulent care, water sparingly when dormant. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 046706

Date Listed: 3.10.19


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