RESERVED FOR MAE- Echeveria Morning Dew (Ready to Ship)

Do not order this item unless you are Mae, otherwise your order will be cancelled. Mae gets first dibs on this particular plant. We are no longer doing presales of any sort (even on Custom Requests), which makes this category a bit tricky now. Please read this description in full, as our processes around Custom Requests have changed. 

Some folks ask to remain anonymous in their special requests, but due to the volume of plants we process and internal complexities around that we will have to have your first name on any request posted to the site, otherwise it makes things more complicated on our end. We are really sorry about any inconvenience that poses to our customers, but we're looking to streamline a little bit and it's helpful for us to have a name attached to these requests. You can email us with a 'user name' if you'd like your anonymity, that's perfectly fine, but we can no longer list under anonymous. If you use a pseudonym your 'name' will remain permanent on all future requests. 

This is a Custom Request for Echeveria Morning Dew. Mae, this Morning Dew has arrived and is ready for purchase. Measures 2.5" across, loads of fresh roots from the cultivating farm. 

Date Available: May 26th, 2020. Mae will have 3 days to complete this purchase before it moves to next in line or be made available to others. We ship Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays only, so if your order falls outside these dates it will ship the following week. 

This E. Morning Dew was listed on our site on 4/27/20 and has since been received by Cedar Creek Farmhouse and is in good quality.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 091209


Sorry, currently out of stock

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