• Echeveria Onslow, Double (50% off, Flawed)
  • Echeveria Onslow, Double (50% off, Flawed)

Echeveria Onslow, Double (50% off, Flawed)

This is a plant that was posted to our Custom Requests section that went unclaimed. She is now in-house and available to anyone who may want her. Keep watching this page we'll be moving unsold requests over to Random Rares all month long.  

This is an unclaimed request, she's available for carting :)

This double is very large and measures in at close 4" across. This is the exact plant we ordered for this listing.

**This particular plant is losing two leaves near the center of one of the rosettes. Things like this can happen in transit, and as a result she is being marked down. I will try to get this one moved over to our new sale category with in-house photos shortly if she doesn't sell here. She's not unhealthy, just pulling water from a weird place. the other head is perfect, so we're going to mark her an even 50% off. She is still a gorgeous plant, she keep her bright yellows on the trip. Bare roots with some fresh root starts.

In an effort to keep things running smoothly and to offer you the largest selection possible we will still be utilizing grower photos, but everything has been looked over before it gets posted to the website. We will not be able to accommodate individual requests for photos. So very sorry about that! We are trying to offer the largest selection possible and photos are extremely time-consuming. If we feel the plants are represented adequately in the grower's photos we will use theirs.

This Echeveria Onslow arrived on 9/28/19. In stock and ready to ship.    

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 071012


Sorry, currently out of stock

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