(RESERVED) Pachyphytum Muriel

This plant is now available. I know we have a lot of people checking the site and waiting for us to get back. Thank you so much for your patience! We're still working through some customer service issues related to our relocation and we're going to take care of our gift card holders next.  Our first listing back will be for gift card holders only, but if you have a gift card and you're site stalking you are welcome to purchase this plant with your credit. This plant was purchased for another customer as a possible order substitution (that customer has already selected another plant, but rather than retake the photos for our gift card listing we have decided to just make this plant available now).

This Muriel was a stunner in the grower photos, but dropped a lot of color in transit. I have seen plants just this bright from this farm in the past, but with warmer weather and delays color drop can be expected and we definitely saw it with this little guy. I still think this is an interesting pick because she should shine up again next winter. But things I have noticed with this one is it has obviously dropped the pink and has lost some leaves in the importing process. Normally we'd retail this one at $35, had she came in perfectly, as is we would put her in our Sale section.  

The first two photos were taken today (April 8th), the other two photos are what this plant looked like before shipping at the farm. She is more pink than our photos suggest, she looks a little tangerine in our photos, but she's more pink and blue to the naked eye, but she is not nearly as bright and beautiful as she was at the farm. What I like about her is she is very, very chubby and you don't always get this with the pinks. This Muriel is measuring in at about 2" across and was cut at some point, she should start putting out fresh roots soon.

We import our plants and right now import transit times are delayed. We normally 3-day our plants in from Korea, but this little guy has been in a box for a little longer than usual and may lose a few leaves as it establishes again.

Right now as a safety precaution we are quarantining our plants in house for two weeks, but we have made an exception on this plant and pulled her from our stock a little early. This one shipped out on March 28th, we unpacked with gloves, so if you're worried about surface contaminants the last time this plant was touched was 12 days ago. 

This Pachyphytum Muriel was listed on our site on 4/08/20 (our post-transit photos were taken on the same day as our listing). This plant is in house and was found to be of acceptable quality.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 090104


Sorry, currently out of stock

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