• (RESERVED), Echeveria Muesli, Possible Replacement for Order #10034
  • (RESERVED), Echeveria Muesli, Possible Replacement for Order #10034

(RESERVED), Echeveria Muesli, Possible Replacement for Order #10034

Do not order this item unless you are Morris, otherwise your order will be cancelled. Mo gets first dibs on this particular plant. 

Hey Mo! I am so very sorry about the delay of your order. This would be a possible replacement for your Atlantis. Alternatively, I can get more Atlantis in or I can do a refund, but I am also happy to upgrade that order to this Muesli cluster. 

This Muesli cluster has a similar shape to an Atlantis, but is much more rare and colorful. This is actually the first Muesli cluster I have come across. It has five heads and measures in at about 3.5-4" across. It did not ship with roots, but is starting to put out fresh roots now. 

I am showing you both the farm's pictures pre-transit and our post-transit photos. Right now there is a slight delay with plants coming in from South Korea, as a result the plants are changing a little on their trip over. Muesli only imports well in October, November, March and early April, it tends to be a little thirsty and does consume some mature leaves on the trip over and this one is no exception to that. So if you decide to go with this cluster please expect to see some of its outermost leaves consumed down to about the halfway point, but overall it shipped really well for this cultivar. 

As a safety precaution this plant has been quarantined in house for two weeks as well.  

You are under no obligation to take this plant, Mo. And I would consider this an even exchange in fairness of how long you have waited. But, I am more than willing to issue you a refund in full :) I just wanted to give you all possible options and please know I am very sorry for leaving you hanging without getting in touch sooner. The relocation was tough, but I'm happy to help any way that I can from here. 

This Echeveria Muesli was listed on our site on 3/27/20 (our post-transit photos were taken on the same day as our listing). This plant is in house and was found to be of acceptable quality.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 090003


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