• (RESERVED), PRESALE Echeveria Mebina, Variegata
  • (RESERVED), PRESALE Echeveria Mebina, Variegata
  • (RESERVED), PRESALE Echeveria Mebina, Variegata
  • (RESERVED), PRESALE Echeveria Mebina, Variegata

(RESERVED), PRESALE Echeveria Mebina, Variegata

Do not order this item unless you are one of the people that requested a variegated Mebina and you received an email from us regarding them, otherwise your order will be cancelled. We got email requests from customers requesting variegated Mebinas and these customers have been contacted (and they have waited patiently for these special requests to go up). If you did not specifically request one of these and they are still available after Tuesday, September 17th anyone may purchase them :) 

We got multiple requests for variegated Mebinas, some of you had asked for clusters, but these singles are what we have available at the moment. You may pick any one of these you like, there will be four individual listings.

The Mebinas in these photographs are the exact Mebinas we ordered, they are a little wet so please ignore any white marks you see in our photos as they are just shine from the water droplets. These will measure in at about 1.75" across. These will be very similar to the Mebinas we offered in July, except these do not have pups to our knowledge, but these are a clustering succulent and will pup in time. Those Mebinas can be seen in the last photo for your reference. 

Plants can change slightly during transit, but these photos were taken this week. Starting next month all of the plants we list on the site will already be in-house, but with special requests everything is Presale unless otherwise stated (it's the only way I can show different options available from the market place in real time). This plant has already been ordered and will be ready to ship by the end of the month.  

This Echeveria Mebina, Variegata was listed on our site on 9/13/19. Transit times are about two weeks, barring any delays with Customs.  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 068811


Sorry, currently out of stock

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