HOSIKAGE originated in Japan, these are similar to a highly stressed Monroe, but hold their coloration better, and usually remain slightly open. They have a distinct chubbiness to them. This is still a very pretty plant. These sell out on our uploads lightning fast, but this one has a little bit of minor sunburn damage and we decided to put her in our sale category, she'll get snapped up quickly. The sunburn is pretty minor and restricted to her outermost leaves, this is superficial damage and doesn't affect the health of this plant at all.

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Minor sun burn.

Size: About 3.5" across at her widest point.

Rooted? Very spare roots from cultivating farm.

Photos taken on: 9.26.19

Grade: 9 (I find the broken tips to be minor and her colors will intensify shortly)

Retail Price (if perfect): Had this shipped perfect this would sell out on our site for $20 almost instantly.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 069008

We inspect and grade our sale succulents on a 10-point scale (10 being of the highest sale quality and 1 being good for propagation use only. We try to be objective and honest about how we rate the succulents listed here. We want to keep this category a relatively high end offering still (anything that falls below a 5 will be listed on our next The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale). 

Sale plants are eligible for our standard store credit return policy. 



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