• SALE! E. Subcorymbosa Lau 030

SALE! E. Subcorymbosa Lau 030

Subcorymbosa comes in two forms, this is the more commonly offered, 026 is the rarer of the two cultivars. This is still not offered very often in the United States and these can throw fantastic colors when stressed. They are easily propagated as well. This trio is nowhere near showing full color potential. 

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Broken and asymmetrical trio (used to be a cluster of three).

Size: About 1-1.5" on each rosette. 

Rooted? Very sparse roots from grower (recently imported). 

Photos taken on: 9.26.19

Grade: 6 (each rosette is independent now, sparse roots and asymmetrical)

Retail Price (if perfect): Had this triple imported perfectly in season we would have retailed it for about $20-$25 depending on color quality/symmetry.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 069209

We inspect and grade our sale succulents on a 10-point scale (10 being of the highest sale quality and 1 being good for propagation use only. We try to be objective and honest about how we rate the succulents listed here. We want to keep this category a relatively high end offering still (anything that falls below a 5 will be listed on our next The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale). 

Sale plants are eligible for our standard store credit return policy. 



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