• SPECIAL! JUST CART!!! Presale Echeveria Snow Bunny (Double)
  • SPECIAL! JUST CART!!! Presale Echeveria Snow Bunny (Double)

SPECIAL! JUST CART!!! Presale Echeveria Snow Bunny (Double)

OK, sleepy heads (just kidding, even after six pots I'm exhausted, lol!). Here's your freebie tonight. I'm still taking a 30-minute break, so that actually puts our next upload at 12:30-ish AM (Atlanta time). I will give those of you who stick around another freebie. I work late, I don't expect for you to hang with me out of sheer dedication. But, this near-freebie is a double 'Snow Bunny' measuring in at just about 2.75" inches, and I will even cover the shipping. I have to charge a $1 or some credit card merchants will not let you place your order. So, cart now and I'll see you back in 30 minutes. 

OK, guys... I have worked since 6:00 AM this morning, so this has been a solid sixteen hour day for me already, but I am on my sixth pot of pure Kona coffee and I'm energized. I can keep going tonight, or if you're tired we can save some of these off until Saturday and do them as in-stocks. How are you feeling? If I take a quick 30-minute break will you rejoin me? Is there something you've been dying for that you haven't seen listed tonight? Text me. I'm easy-going, I can go either way, but I do need a quick break if I'm going to keep going. You can let me know by simply responding to the text message you received tonight.

I want to honor the people who have stuck through this upload tonight. It's been a late one. So, tell me how you're feeling. I have about 24 more I could list tonight (and I'm totally happy to do so, but you have to tell me if you're still going to be up). I will let you know if we'll keep going -- if not I will offer a a freebie and list again on Saturday. I do need a 30-minute break though. So simply reply back with a text that says '30' or with one that says 'Freebie' and I will tally our results and update this post in five minutes. Or if you have a special request send that over too. See you back on this post in five. 


Presales are offered with free shipping. Expect shipping in about two weeks' time. If you are unfamiliar with how our presales work please click here for our policies. 

A little note about color intensity: Please note it is very cold in South Korea still and some of the hue intensity you see here may be related to cold stress and watering schedule (thirsty plants look the brightest). Sometimes the succulents lose a little bit of this color in transit and in warmer temps. Rest assured these photos have not been enhanced, but there is a slight possibility that once the succulent arrives the hue intensity may be slightly different, but the color intensity will return with colder temps and stress.

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